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About us

CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita from Winsen Luhe is more than a moving company. To support our customers in every way, this is our passion. A young, dynamic staff has learned over the past years, how to interact with each other as a system of gearwheels - for quick results and related, considerable savings to your move. Our customers are often surprised that we do not advance with a team of 10 or more people, because as they say: "Too many cooks spoil the broth". We work from the first hour, following this motto. Our particular concern is to be able to work purposeful, coordinated and without stepping on each other. Therefore, we limit ourselves to smaller teams; their speed and care will surprise you in a positive way.

Have confidence in our skills

Here comes the team from CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita into play, because we take the Full-Moving-Service in Winsen Luhe, Germany and Europe by request, without you having to deal with all of the above obstacles. We work quickly, reliably, carefully and we are happy to do the final cleaning for you. In order to gain peace of mind for your family, you can check out the new house or simply enjoy a pleasant day with your friends. Arriving has never been so easy - and that is what our company represents.

Why CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita Winsen Luhe?

House moving in Winsen Luhe and the surrounding area is now offered by a variety of companies. But honestly: Would you like to pay for five helpers / relocation professionals when exactly two are completely sufficient? The cost may just be quickly increased by this concept of many competitors. We do not want to badmouth our colleagues, but our philosophy is in fact different. Our team of motivated packers knows accurately the process of all Private Relocations and Office Relocations and therefore operates at a pace that will cause you turn pale. Instead of dealing for days with prices or having to schedule additional costs, you will receive an offer from us, that is equitable in every respect. With the savings you can spend the extra time in a more attractive way, than dealing with the towing of cabinets, boxes etc.
Suppose you need to cover a distance of 400 kilometers. You get very quickly costs of hundreds of euros alone for the truck - plus deposits, tanks and the like. You are moving togerher with your family, the stress goes further at this point. You sometimes need a baby sitter, helpers to carry your furniture and someone who provides assistance with clearing up all those boxes. You have to provide food and drinks, must also do the washing and have perhaps something to work or other important things on your mind. Therefore, most people consider mentally house moving a disaster. On the one hand you, you are happy about the new home, on the other hand, you now see the evil coming, because even experienced friends will hardly be able to act as coordinated as you would want it.

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