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Easier corporate relocation!

The aim of any company is to  carry out a necessary move as smoothly as possible in Winsen Luhe. In this matter, the help of professionals is essential, because naturally you can animate your coworkers only conditionally to accompany you in this endeavor. CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita from Winsen Luhe is your partner in any corporate relocation. You can carry out on your own  the things, that are required in advance. To make your work easier, we can provide some valuable tips.

Take a long view !

Ideally, a corporate relocation is planned in detail approximately one month in advance. This includes various issues and factors that you should consider in your planning.

  1. Four weeks before the moving date start thinking about how do you want to arrange your furniture.  Are there any common features with the current approach? Or do you want to do things differently than before? A sketched plan helps you orientate before the relocating in the new office. 
  2. Cancel your old lease contract in time. Terms are set there exactly. You must comply with these terms – especially in what the possible renovation of the old premises is concerned. 
  3. Establish the exact date for the relocation. Your staff should be prepared in time. This includes, among other things, forwarding the new address  and setting the start signal of the new office. This way, misunderstandings are avoided and the daily routine can be continued after the move, in a controlled manner.
  4. Ensure your non-binding corporate relocation offer at CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita from Winsen Luhe. We are happy to plan every step together with you during an on-site appointment – including establishment of the relocation date. 
  5. Terminate the dismantling of computer systems and assign the craftsmen, as appropriate, with the timely painting and cleaning of the premises. More information in Final cleaning.

The final touch

About three days before the intended date of the relocation, other important tasks are still on the agenda, that we are happy to take over for you:

  1. Visit the new office, number the rooms and label them – if necessary – with the name of your employees. This ensures the fact, that your furnishings and files will be distributed directly in the correct order on the premises. 
  2. Issue a circular letter (email, flyers) to your employees, to inform them about this forthcoming relocation. Share among others the date and the related days off.
  3. Decide who is responsible for the coordination of the moving company and the entire process. A representative should always have an overview and be notified in case of doubt.
  4. Prepare the old premises. Lay in every room enough boxes and packing materials. With Full-Service-Moving, find out what deals are provided to you by CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita. We deliver boxes before the relocation date, to save you the trouble.
  5. Prepare the relocation, ensuring the necessary safety measures. If necessary, set stopping signs to ensure a parking space for the moving company truck. The signs can be ordered on request. In order to provide a smooth transition, a call transfer can be arranged with the responsible telephone company. 

It is true, corporate relocations are much more complex in many cases, than any Privat Move. We are happy to help and assist you, to ensure the smooth course of the event. It is advisable, in case of big corporate relocations, to take the Full-Service. This does not only save time, but you also have more space to look after your own business. The best for last: Do not forget to organize the housewarming party for your employees. The old employees will enjoy celebrating the change as pleasant as possible – especially if they have worked for many years in the old office. With the proper preparatory work, you and your staff are saved from many exertions, in every respect.

Corporate relocation
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