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Thanks to CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita Winsen Luhe, the stress of the upcoming move is once and for all over! You will see how easy the change of residence respectively the Corporate Relocation can take place, when you have the right partner at your side. WE are those partners, who remove much of the work from you and advise you in detail, in the preliminary stages.

CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita offers you the opportunity to take a Full-Service-Moving – so to say, the carefree package for private households and companies. Moving house could not be more comfortable and pleasant ! Our team of experienced professionals will take care of all your needs; starting with the transportation of your personal belongings, to the assembly of the furniture in the new home, the Cleaning and Clearing out. Our moving services are not limited only to Winsen, but throughout the entire European area.  More information in European Relocations below. In the end, you do not have to take care of anything, because the packing of the inventory is part of our overall package. If you want to take advantage of this service, we will provide you with an individual offer. Just contact us – using the form, email or by phone.

Full-service moving – The advantages

You can go out to eat, go to the cinema or start the renovation in the new home. Whatever comes to your mind: Thanks to CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita, you gain peace of mind for all aspects of your daily life without having to deal so much with moving. The smallest inventory, books, porcelain and Co. will be carefully packed by our team. Furniture and inventory are insured during transport. We bring the complete required materials – whether boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper or tape. The household goods can be distributed in the new premises, according to your specifications and also granted, if necessary. Our employees are available for packing; care is their highest concern. At the same time, we carry out a final cleaning and support you, if desired, with the clearing and disposal of the old inventory. Our manual dexterity enables us to help you in fitting furniture pieces. Worktop too long ? We take over its cutting. The range of our services is various, and the best of all: attractive prices, with which hundreds of customers are already satisfied.

And the disadvantages ?

Basically, there are none. But: If you do not want an invasion of privacy, you can personally store away personal items such as photos, documents and the like. If the relevant boxes afre clearly marked, we take care of their loading and transport in the rooms concerned. Surely, Full-Service-Relocations are a little more expensive than the traditional moving, but the benefits clearly outweigh!

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