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Useful tips for moving

For most of our customers, the very thought of the upcoming move is horror. CCN Umzüge from Winsen helps you relax and consider this action for what it is ultimately: A task you cope with carefree with professional support. With the help of the following tips and tricks, relocations can be performed quickly, cost-effective and above all without stress.

1. Fix a date
The first step in every relocation in Winsen and the surroundings, is to fix a clear date. In this case, it does not matter, whether you move alone or with a strong team, because: the clearer the date is, the easier are made all the preparations.

2. Inform your environment

Insurance companies, service and Co. should be informed in time if you are moving and also get your new address. You should inform the most important offices days up to weeks before moving. Moreover, it is important to leave a forwarding address at the post office. This way, letters and also parcels will be delivered directly to your new address. It is even more important to know and inform about the moving date.

3. Sort everything out

Nothing is worse than contaminated sites, which are obstructive in the end. Unwanted furniture, toys and the like, all that you don’t need anymore, must be sorted out and disposed of before moving. This has three advantages:

– You save a serious amount of boxes, because unnecessary stuff will not come along
– You do not have to do the sorting after moving and you can put immediately the important stuff away
– You save a lot of money with CCN Umzüge, because ultimately unnecessary things are often very bulky.

Your wallet and your nerves will thank you, if you get rid of all unnecessary things before moving.

4. Obtain an offer

CCN Umzüge Winsen will issue you a free of charge, non-binding deal for your house moving – also a full-service deal with all preliminary and follow-up works. If desired, we come to your house and make the proper calculations for the moving truck, boxes and all the other moving materials. This way, you will save a lot of time and enjoy the upcoming moving.

5. Think about the services you want to use

Would you rather pack your belongings on your own? Or is it more comfortable to assign this task to experienced movers ? Do you need help with decluttering or with the final cleaning ? It is best to plan this a week or two ahead, in order to discuss these questions in detail with your partner – if there is one – or with your family. It would be easier for us to create an offering precisely tailored to the customer’s needs.
Last but not least, the premises of the new house must be labeled – as well as the boxes, that will be distributed in the appropriate rooms. The more organized you proceed, the less work lies for you ahead at the end of the moving.

Useful tips for moving
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