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You can count on us

How expensive is a relocation in Winsen or from Winsen abroad ? Taking this into account, that the costs are made of different factors, it is not possible to make a lumpsum estimation without further details, even having so much experience. We can make a calculation during a personal conversation – or at best at your site.
Because: We want you to get a price, instead of constantly adjusting costs or paying on top of it.

Detailed calculation of our experts

CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita is your reliable partner when it comes to detailed calculations. On this basis, we can issue you gladly a complete offer. But what are the relevant factors for a calculation? Here is a small excerpt:

  1. How many cubic meter of goods do we have to load and transport ?
  2. Do you want to dismantle any furniture elements ?
  3. Do you need packing materials  – boxes, foils, paper, etc. ?
  4. Do you want to get our packing service for the full inventory?
  5. Is the street securing necessary (order of stopping signs)?
  6. Where ? A local relocation in Winsen is much cheaper than a relocation in another European country.
  7. What tasks need to be solved in the new home ? Assembly of furniture, clearing out all boxes and the like ?
  8. Do you need decluttering or a final cleaning of your house ?
  9. Is this a private moving or a corporate relocation ?

As it has already been made clear, the factors that make up the costs of a relocation, are versatile – and at this point we treat only a fraction of the questions that may arise.

Effective calculation – so you don’t have to pay too much

At CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita we do not use only the past experience. With us, no relocation is ” at a rough estimate “. We use effective lists, forms and computers, to be able to give you a concrete offer. What are offers good for, if at the end you must pay much more? To prevent this, it is better to make all on site. Your active assistance enables us, however, to clarify also by phone everything else. The written offer is made within a few hours via email, phone or by post on request (especially if you have to submit this to an authority). This creates confidence and saves you from unpleasant surprises. We have always fixed prices – that is a promise!

Make your own calculations – is it possible ?

The volume of your in-house facilities, is unfortunately, too often underestimated. We were often confronted in the past with phrases such as “Still, there are only two dressers”. If customers want to carry out the calculation independently, this ends up not as expected in most cases: If too much volume is set, the costs will increase unnecessarily. If customers underestimate the mass of inventory, another moving truck must be sometimes called in the last minute – which would of course, involve further costs. To prevent this from happening, we take on the calculation principle personally. Do not worry:  your privacy will be highly regarded. Therefore, we offer you now our calculation service also by phone. Your active assistance is required. Do you think measuring the cabinets and the like is to big? Then leave this task to professionals – we support you gladly!

Cost-effective complete packages – for natural persons and companies

From planning to the assembly in the new house: With CCN Umzüge Catalin Valentin Nechita you are supported all around. The advantage is that nothing is left to chance, and you can concentrate fully on your new kingdom. We string the complete packages individually – taking into account the criteria listed. In the end, everything is in its place, and all you have to do is trust the new home. Moving can be so relaxing! Call us or send us an email via the contact form, without having the obligation to learn about our complete range of services!

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